Let’s Talk About How Everyone Should See Loud Luxury

You guys know the two guys who sing Body, DJ duo Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace? Well, I got to see them this past weekend and it was AMAZING!

There were two opening acts...some DJ I do not remember the name of (oops!) and Justin Caruso. Justin Caruso got the party started I must say, he played a remix to Truth Hurts by Lizzo and everyone went crazy. He also played one of his songs "Good Parts" which is how I discovered him in the first place.

Now, when Loud Luxury came on...they are one SUPER cute duo. They played all their singles and some unreleased songs that I CAN’T wait to be playing on repeat. While everyone’s favorite is "Body," my personal favorite is "Fill Me In" featuring Ryan Shepherd.

Two of the best moments of the concert was when they:

1. Played a remix of one song that everyone does not really know the name to, but it is played at a lot of parties...it goes like “3,2,1, GO BA BA BA BA BAPAPA…”

Then, confetti went E V E R Y W H E R E. Here’s a link to the song so you can get a feeling of the bass droping and imagine confetti shooting out everywhere.

2. At the “end” of the concert they said “Philly thanks for coming out...cya.” and everyone was screaming “they aren’t going to play 'Body'?” and then started chanting “Body! Body! Body!” while they were off stage. Then, Franklin Music Hall got really dark, some text messages popped up on the screen and then this slow version of "Body" started playing as they came out and said “You really thought we were gonna leave without playing 'Body'?” Then they cranked it up again with continuous confetti for the chorus and that was that.

Let me just say, the light effects and the confetti were amazing throughout the whole concert. Every color, every image that was shown on the screen fit in perfectly in the moment. I loved randomly catching the light with my best friend for pictures and videos and randomly catching her and the crowd in the element of the music.

Deep house is something that blends a lot of genre of music which is why I love it so much. Also, saving up for cheap concert tickets and reuniting with friends for concerts is something I think everyone should be able to experience. And who knows, if you are lucky like me you will get responses from the DJ duo for your Instagram story. ;)

Photo Credit: Screenshots from authors Instagram!

Yeah I know, I was pretty stocked myself.