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Usually around this time of year when the weather is changing from warm to cool, the building temperatures vary. Sometimes two classrooms in the same building can be drastically different. You may have a class in Downs where the classroom is boiling hot, then go to the studio in Hayward and find yourself shivering. My advice is to dress in layers so you can add or take away from your outfit and avoid being uncomfortable in class. -Carly


Okay so this hack might seem really small but it is super helpful if you are new to Jefferson. If you scoop up lunch at Common Thread or at Ted’s and intend on taking it across campus ASK FOR A BAG when you pay for your food. As simple as this is, I didn’t realize it was a thing until my second semester. Needless to say, you won’t be dropping your food anymore and having your hands free comes in handy when you are swiping in and out of buildings. -Abbey


This isn’t too much of a hack, but make sure you always remember that Common Thread Express exists! I honestly didn’t try it until this year (my third year) and it has already been borderline life changing. It not only makes it easier if you have a tight schedule, but it also lets you avoid a line if you’re planning on eating during the busy lunch times! You can also order your food the night before and get reminder emails, so it’s a no fuss option. My favorite right now are the new grain bowls Ms. Pat just added to her menu – soooo good! – Kellyn

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