Inside the PhilaU Fashion Show

Once a year, the Philadelphia University Fashion Department hosts a fashion show to exhibit their students’ work. From sophomores to seniors, these students work their needles off getting their work done on time. I would know, because I am one of those students. The month of April is crazy for every college student, but for the Fashion Design students, it is a very high point in our college experience and the must-see event of the semester.

From an insider’s perspective, I would want to go to the show just to see all the hard work in completion. The labor put forward by the design students is insane and amazing. As a sophomore, I only just started delving into the intensity of my major, but I get to see the behind the scenes of my peer’s collections. From red dresses to children’s wear to spring collections, Hayward Hall is filled to the brim with students working tirelessly till sunrise. Our studios are overflowing with fabric and threads a-plenty, making our universe a colorful place to work in.

 Our end goal is to make it to submission day; it is the Fashion Design equivalent of Tax Day. Students are even working up until the very last second, with tensions to the boiling point and over until submissions are done. Then we all take a breath.

 If our dedication to our work isn’t enough to convince you to see the show, then you should go for the sake of seeing beautiful works of art walking down a runway. This year’s show will be overflowing with creativity and stunning otherworldly garments. I am not trying to spoil anything, but hint at what you might miss if you don’t go. This year’s children’s wear went all out in bold, colorful designs with kids cute as a button. The senior collections from both semesters are truly outstanding, featuring a lot of collaborations with other majors, specifically Textile Design students. There are countless Red Dresses, Project X designs and everything in between that will be featured in the show as well. This event is jam-packed with everything you could ever want from a fashion show.

Our work is dedicating a whole semester to one seemingly never-ending project. It is late nights working in our studio until 3 am. It is going back home after that to continue working however long each one of us deems necessary. It is time managing to the point where you have to schedule basic human functions because you need to get your collection finished. It is a commitment that each of us made and we wouldn’t want it any different. We would appreciate if you took some time out of your Thursday on April 27 to come support the Fashion Design community in our endeavors and watch an amazing show.