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How to Form Your Own Sustainable, Unique Style

As I scroll through apps like TikTok or Pinterest, all I see are the same shirts, dresses, shoes, etc. It also seems as though, before my eyes, I see the trends change to the next thing in what feels like a day. I see everyone wearing the same pieces one week, and then they are all wearing a different trend the next week. The fashion trends have become faster coming and going then ever before.

I mostly blame fast fashion companies that sell their garments for less than $15 and whose clothes basically disintegrate off your body. Though the cheap clothes do sound nice, they have a severe negative effect on the environment, and everyone and their moms have the same clothes! Here are some tips to form your own style and feel comfortable this Fall.

I am so glad that thrifting and secondhand shopping have become so popular over the last few years! Thrifting is such an easy way to get unique pieces affordably! I often hear a lot of people say they hate to thrift and can never find anything, which leads them to eliminate thrift shopping entirely. In my many years of secondhand and thrift shopping, I have learned to have patience; be ready to go through every single piece of clothing on every rack if you want to find something good! Another suggestion is to not have a specific and exact idea of an article of clothing that you want; you will most likely be left disappointed. Instead, have an open mind about what you might find, and make it a challenge for yourself to try and style a unique piece.

My next tip for forming your own style is to invest in your pieces. Our fashion society over the years has become focused on quantity over quality; it should be the opposite! I have realized that having so many clothes in your closet is extremely overwhelming, and it makes it hard to know where to start when trying to style an outfit. Instead, try and invest in one or two pairs of nice jeans that fit well and make you feel confident. That goes for every category of clothing: investing in a piece that you know you look good in and you know will last a long time is worth spending a little extra money on.

That being said, my next piece of advice is to go for clothes that you know will never go out of style when investing! You want to spend a little extra money on something that you know has longevity, and that will never be out of season. For example, spending a little extra on basics that you can wear multiple ways and with multiple outfits.

My last tip sort of brings all my points together: buy clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in. Having a closet full of clothes that you know look and feel good on your body is the most important thing. Try and make it fun and challenging by seeing how you can mix and match pieces to make a different outfit with similar garments and styles!

Brielle Manzo

Jefferson '24

I am Brielle Manzo, and I am a sophomore at Thomas Jefferson University! I have a passion for fashion, and love writing about it! I also love to write anything life, beauty, or advice.
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