How to Have a Successful Finsta

The majority of you who clicked on this article probably had no clue what this was going to be about and wanted to know what a “Finsta” is. To be honest, I didn’t know what a finsta was until last year, when I started college. According to Urban Dictionary, a Finsta is a “fake Instagram account where you won’t be judged by society on what you post”, which I would agree is an appropriate description. It is an escape from the pressures of having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram and allows you able to post whatever you want. From ranting to memes, to posting silly faces or videos, your finsta is the side of you only a select few see.

As someone who has had her finsta for almost a year and a half now, I’d say I’m qualified to give you a few tips on how to have a successful finsta. Just follow these steps and you’re sure to succeed!


Step 1: Create an account

The key to success is the name of your finsta. You have to make it obscure enough that most people that may come across it will avoid it. Your account should also be listed private so no one sees what you post, especially your family members.


Step 2: Carefully choose who to follow

Don’t follow people that would blab about your posts. If you don’t want certain people to see what you post, don’t follow them either. Being private will help control who follows you and vice versa, so be selective.


Step 3: Start Posting

This is an example of a normal post on my finsta. I would either post a picture of my surroundings (feet sometimes included) or a really skewed selfie. What you post is all up to you, and so are your captions. Half of my content is ranting/complaining or making puns and stupid comments. Be creative! Or not! It’s your finsta; do whatever you want!


Step 4: The Most Important Step

There is no successful way to have a finsta, because it’s all about you! Trying to make it seem successful defeats the purpose of why people create finstas. It’s meant to be silly, quirky, and entirely strange. Finsta’s are all based upon the user, so success is in the eye of the beholder. Go wild, or not! It’s all for fun anyway.


P.S. Do not go searching for my finsta.


Photos from, StartupStock, and writer herself.