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For International Women’s Day and Women’s Week I asked my best friend’s what/how other women inspire them in their personal lives. Women should be celebrated not only on International Women’s Day, but every day! Here’s what they said!


Adele’s Grammy speech”

- Claire Ushay

“I get inspired by other women when I see them doing what they want in life and not caring what others think.”

-Katie Funk

“Kate Middleton re-wearing clothes. She has money on top of money but she re-wears outfits and dresses 3,4,5 times. I would die for her.”

-Abby Fafara

“I am inspired by all the hard-working women I have met in the thrifting community on Instagram. I have met so many passionate and supportive women in this community that have inspired me to pursue a small secondhand clothing business.”

-Ashley Grim

“Women inspire me in my life by just being there; girls supporting girls. Whether it’s an Instagram compliment, girl talk in the bathroom, or a venting session, women always have each other’s back ;) ”

-Marissa Ryan

“Because women have a higher pain tolerance than men. We can push out babies. As a nurse I’ve noticed men have lower pain tolerances than women.”

-Simone Holguin (BSN, RN)

“I’m inspired when women can be independent from men and don’t have to rely on them for income purposes.”

-Emily Mikhail

“What inspires me about women is that we always hear the saying ‘Behind every great man is a great woman’ but women don’t need men to make them great. Period."  

-Jess Lindamann

“Other women in my life inspire me by proving to me that I am so much more capable of things than I believe I am. They are constantly excelling and breaking barriers, and it inspires me to do the same and continue on to be an inspiration for other women around me.”  

-Erin Mcdonald

“Women inspire me because most of the time they are the backbones of their families while also being a real person in the real world carrying their own responsibilities and commitments on top of that…if that makes sense. My mom is one of the strongest and most hardworking women in my life and I hope one day I can be half the woman she is.”

-Savanah Holgiun

I hope all women take a moment and remind themselves how special and beautiful they are this week and bask in the glory of being celebrated! :)

Occupational Therapy student! I am an Aquarius, I love sleeping, music, and working out :)
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