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How to Better Support the Women in Your Life! -for men, children, and other women-

It’s Women’s History Month!! Women’s month falls in March in part to tribute when women in New York City protested poor working conditions. The first Women’s Day was celebrated in 1909.  March gives us an opportunity to appreciate what women in the past have done to further the women today. Here are a few suggestions that can help you better support the women in your life...


Be Less Judgmental!

This goes for men and women! In the past women have been seen as less than and just an embellishment to a man. A woman was monitored and smothered by society. Although we have seen a lot of improvement thanks to woman’s right movements and a shift in societal values, we still see aspects of the old values today. Women are smart! They do the things they do, in the way that they do them, with purpose. Let women express themselves the way they want. Create a safe space for them to do so!


Have Respect for Their Bodies!

Respect of this nature can come in many ways. Women have periods and that’s just a fact of life, literally. Periods already disrupt certain aspects of a woman’s monthly life- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Make them feel like they are normal, because they are! It is nothing to be embarrassed about or to hide. Men specifically, you can take this step by purchasing pads or tampons and have them available on your bathrooms! Additionally, quit the attitude about not having sex during this time. Women are not doing this to you! It simply just happens. Respect the fact that in some cases having sex in that state would be unenjoyable and that decision is completely up to her!


Be Willing to Bend “Normal”

Like any individual, women hold a list full of responsibilities. These responsibilities include but are not limited to working, cooking, taking care of kids, house upkeep, mowing the lawn, taking the dog out, etc. In our history, it was customary for the woman the be the homebody. To be available and willing to take care of the laundry, refilling the soap, clothes shopping, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, dishes, etc. Many of these responsibilities are still expected of women on top of having a career. Evaluate your life and be really mindful of what the women in your life do for you. Start taking some of the responsibilities they do and make them your own. Fix the mindset,” oh they do this for me, so I don’t have to worry about it.” This will relieve some stress whether it be at work or at home, or anywhere in between.


Each dynamic is different and certain aspects of these suggestions may not work for you and your relationship. However, you can do your best to even just reflect on these ideas and integrate what works for you. These techniques do not only have to be used this month and shouldn’t be!! Try integrating what you can all year-round in hopes to uplift the women in your life and as a whole!

Mari Adamson

Jefferson '24

Mari is a 3rd year at Jefferson University, majoring in health sciences and enrolled in the Pre-Physician's Assistant Program. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and finding new places to eat. She also has a passion for photography and self-care!
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