How "1 Second Everday" Changed my Life


I started doing "One Second Everyday" in January upon the recommendation of my AP Literature Teacher. For those who might be unfamiliar with the concept, you take a one-second video each day, and at the end of the year, you have 365 seconds worth of days. The app I used is "1 Second Everyday" by Cesar Kuriyama. I started it on a whim; actually, we watched an inspirational video in class about motivation and inner-discipline, and that kind of catalyzed my desire to begin this journey. After 30 days, I realized it wasn't that difficult for me. I had my phone on me most of the time, I already loved capturing the crucial moments with my camera, and I'm not too picky with aesthetics and perfectionism. I'm about 290 days in now, and every time I go back to watch how far into the mess of the year 2020 is, I learn something new about myself. From the last 290ish days, I've learned about the things I hold closest to my heart, how much life has changed since January 2020, and how this year was not the worst it could have been. Having my days summarized in seconds make me reflect on my days and their contents, what I allow into each day, and how I hope to improve in the future. I would recommend "1 Second Everyday" to anyone who feels like their life has been the same, that there isn't anything significant or essential in their everyday. Sometimes the smallest moments will end up being the most precious at the end of the day.