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Hate DIY Costumes, but Need a Halloween Party Look? I Got You.

These are 5 easy ways to creep up your outfit in no time without actually wearing a costume.

  1. Coordinate your outfit with one of your favorite characters from a movie or tv show.

You can choose a character that has a very simple outfit and replicate it with clothing you might just have in your closet. This can be a costume but without looking like you tried too hard.

  1. Add a cute headband to your outfit!

Wear an all-black outfit and add a little spice with a cute headband. They’re easy enough where you can make these yourself or make a quick stop at a Halloween store and buy these for only a couple of bucks.

  1. Wear some spooky accessories.

You can’t go wrong with adding some really cute, but creepy earrings and necklaces. This can creep up your outfit in less than 10 seconds. It’ll add a touch of Halloween to your outfit.

  1. Add in some orange and black to your outfit.

You only really have to rock black jeans with an orange sweater, and you’ll already look like you’re in the Halloween spirit. Doing an orange and black outfit can be so simple and not only that, but it’s also a super cute fall outfit for another day.

5. Experiment with an easy, quick makeup look

The best thing about this, it that you can wear whatever outfit you like, the real star of the show is your makeup! You can add a spider web to your eyeliner, use black eyeliner to draw a cat nose and whiskers, and even just your normal makeup look… but with blood! The ideas are endless because it’s so easy.

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I'm a third-year student at Thomas Jefferson University East Falls campus, in the Life Sciences program. I'm currently majored in Biology and aspiring to be a pediatrician in the future. My favorite show is The Office and my favorite movie is The Breakfast Club. I love to get into new shows and movies, especially thriller and horror movies, so please let me know if you have any recommendations! I'd love to chat and be friends :)
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