Getting Back into the Groove of Things

I’m not sure if it’s just me but coming back for spring semester always seems a little harder. After relaxing for weeks with home cooked meals, no academic requirements, and my dog, coming back to dorm life, school, and responsibilities is extremely difficult. It’s hard to get back into the routine of things and reprioritize. It’s colder outside and gets dark earlier, and sometimes in denial that the new semester is here I tend to gravitate towards my warm bed and try to forget my responsibilities. However, I’ve been learning to embrace the semester with open arms, and by doing so creating a more positive outlook on what this new semester can bring for me.

I have written down a list of goals for this semester that can help me continue to grow into my best self. I’ve shared some with you as potential inspiration if you’re having a hard time accepting that the semester is starting. Together, we can fill this new term with continuous growth and positivity!

  1. 1. Yoga at least 3x a week!

    Whether it’s a class or at home, filling my life with yoga/ meditation has brought me so much happiness and gives me time during the day all to myself. The school offers some amazing yoga classes that I highly recommend, and if that’s not for you, try doing some relaxing stretching at home to rejuvenate your mind and body!

  2. 2. Watch more documentaries and educate yo’self!!

    This semester I decided that I want to fill my free time with more engaging things. Instead of going on my phone or binge watching some pointless show on Netflix, documentaries are actually a great opportunity to learn something new in a really interesting way. My favorite docuseries currently is on Netflix called “Explained”. Each 20-minute episode explains/ teaches about something different and I’ve learned some astonishing facts from it. Highly recommend!!

  3. 3. Actually pay attention in class!!

    I fell into a habit last semester where if I knew the notes were on blackboard/ didn’t have to pay attention, I wouldn’t. I would browse Amazon or basically do anything else besides pay attention. This semester, I’m making it a goal to actually pay attention in class and learn something from my brilliant professors.

  4. 4. Do something creative every day, whether that be read, write, draw, etc.

    It’s become one of my favorite things to put on music and just write or color. It’s great time to just sit with yourself, jam out to your favorite music, and do something that’s good for the mind.

This semester is going to be filled with so much, growth, positivity, and new memories. We can do this!!! Good luck to everyone this semester!