Favorite Halloween Candy



My favorite Halloween candy are Kit Kats, without a doubt. Bonus points if they’re fresh out of the freezer! 


My favorite candy this time of the year are the pumpkin shaped Reese’s! For some reason they taste so much better to me when they look like pumpkins. 


My favorite candy to get while tricker or treating are the jolly-rancher candies the come in all of forms from the original to the lollipop to the chewy.


My favorite Halloween candy has to be heath bars. When I was really little I hated them and would always give them to my mom to eat from my trick or treating haul, but now I love them. 


My favorite Halloween candy are Hershey’s kisses! The simplest and purest form of chocolate there is. When I was younger, my mother would give out all of the candy, but save three Hershey’s kisses to save for later for herself, my brother, and I.


My favorite Halloween candy is definitely York peppermint patties. People totally see them as a holiday season type of candy but dark chocolate and mint is my favorite combination of flavors so I can eat them any time of year. 

PC: Pixabay