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Fashion Profile: Cassidy Buch

Cassidy Buch is 19 years old and from Seaville, NJ. Cassidy is a sophomore Fashion Merchandising and Management major and can usually be seen in her go-to outfit—a romper.

What do you want to do after you graduate?

After I graduate, I want to become a buyer for a large retailer. I feel as though it would be very exciting and every day would bring something different.

What, so far, has been your favorite moment with the Fashion Merchandising program at Jefferson? Why was it your favorite?

My favorite moment with the fashion program at Jefferson would be last year, my freshman year, when I took the Global Fashion Insight class. Throughout the semester we produced a product to sell at the Winter Pop Up Shop. This has been my favorite moment since I got here because it was fun to work as a group and make a product. The best part was that the proceeds went towards such a great cause, ChemoClothes.

What are your favorite colors to wear?

I really like to wear reds, blacks, whites, and blues! Aside from color combos, I am a big fan of prints…especially, cheetah print!

Where do you look to for style inspiration?

I like following trends I see on social media, especially one’s I find on Instagram!

What are some of your favorite stores to shop at and why?

Some of my favorite stores to shop at are H&M, Forever 21, and Express. These are my favorite mainly because the clothing is affordable and very fashion forward!

What are your favorite pieces of clothing that you own?

My favorite pieces of clothing to own are definitely bodysuits. They are just so easy and comfortable! From pairing with shorts to skirts to jeans, they work fabulously.

What type of clothing do you have the most of? How many do you have?

Shoes! I simply have too many to count!

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