Fall TV Shows


Here is a list of some of our contributors favorite Fall TV shows:

The Good Doctor - This show is new this fall and the only new show I decided to watch in the fall season. I was intrigued because it stars Freddie Highmore, an actor I really like. This is his first starring role since the amazing show Bates Motel ended only a handful of months ago. It’s about his character, Shaun Murphy, and his experience as a surgical resident. The twist that makes this different from most medical shows on TV is that Shaun has autism, which immediately makes him an outsider to the rest of the hospital staff, even though his expertise has already saved many lived. I highly recommend and am very excited to see what will happen next!

SNL season 43- SNL has been a popular and groundbreaking source for weekly news and comedy since the show began in 1975. I’ve been watching it for as long as I can remember and look forward to it each week to see how the host fits in with the regular cast and catch up on what’s been going on in the world. 3 episodes of season 43 have aired so far, hosts and musical guests being Ryan Gosling and Jay-Z, Gal Gadot and Sam Smith, and Kumail Nanjiani with P!nk. Since season 42 ended, Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan, and Sasheer Zamata have left the cast but Heidi Gardner, Lunk Null, and Chris Redd have been added as featured members. Each adds a new element to the show and I’m excited to see how they add to the show! So far, my favorite episode has been the first one; hosted by Ryan Gosling and my favorite skit was when he, Kate McKinnon, and Cecily Strong pretended they had been abducted by aliens. SNL is a great way to stay updated (loosely) on what’s happening in the world while having a good laugh. Be sure to watch on November 4th to watch Larry David host with musical guest Miley Cyrus!

American Horror Story: Creators Ryan Murphy and director Angela Bassett cast the infamous Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson in yet another season of American Horror Story. Premiering earlier in September into October, the enticing plot and creative characters have drawn me in every week to keep watching. The show discusses very dark themes such as interpretation of politics and how extremists take Donald Trump’s Presidential Nomination to a sadistic level, but this is not the central focal point of the series. If you’re terrified of the clowns, perhaps this is not the best series to watch. Murphy has constructed one of the main characters to have a severe phobia of clowns, causing her to have delusions and visions, convinced that clowns are conspiring against her and out to cause harm to herself and to others. It takes the audience on a journey through love between the main characters Amy and Ivy and how fear tears everything apart. The theme and title of this season is entitled ‘American Horror Story: Cult.”  (Emily Kostick)