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As the weather proceeds to get colder pushing us towards fall, we have more cozy days upon us. The most important part of a cozy day is a good book that allows you to cuddle into your blanket and read for the rest of the day. Books themed around the fall season have a special feel to them because they indicate the start of the holiday season, and they just feel right to read as the weather changes to chilly and nature marks this transition. Below I have assembled a list of books that are fall-themed or fall-inspired that I will be adding to my to-be-read list, and I hope you will also add them to your to-be-read list.

1. Her Grumpy Neighbor Until Halloween by Eve Pendle 

This book is about reclusive celebrity Chef Kit Morton and “house sitter” Ellen. Kit is busy writing his cookbook and doesn’t have time to deal with Ellen and her issues. Ellen suddenly becomes homeless and “borrows” a house next to Kit until she gets back on her feet.  This is a perfect rom-com for the Halloween season that showcases the attraction between two opposites in a small town.

2. Falling in Love by Erin Branscom 

In this book, we meet struggling romance author Beth and former marine, now inn owner, Evan. Their chance meeting at the side of the road became the start of the Hallmark romance. This is a cute romance book that showcases small-town life while falling in love with a sprinkle of fall magic. Some of the tropes in this book include forced proximity, found family, fated soul mates, and redemption.

3. The Fall Back Plan by Melanie Jacobson 

This book is about the golden girl, Jolie, and the bad boy, Lucas who have now switched places after Jolie returns back to Harve Hollow after 10 years. Jolie avoids Lucas as she settles back into town until she meets his niece and becomes a presence in this girl’s life. This is a sweet small-town romance following two enemies that turn into lovers as the whole town joins to get these two together.

4. Funny Feelings by Tarah DeWitt 

In this book, standup comedian Farley Jones is on her way to becoming famous, but she is deeply in love with her older manager and single dad Meyer. Losing her closest friend and her career stops Farley from ever confessing her feelings until they are forced to fake date each other in order to gain publicity. This romance showcases the beauty of friendship, love, and laughing as we enjoy the special moments of life.

5. Awkward in October by Teresa Yea 

This book is about Theodora who feels like she is in a rut, so she quits her job and buys an unseen house in Connecticut to enjoy the beauty of autumn and life. Carter is her grumpy, practical neighbor, who knows how to fix her fixer-upper before her bank account is zero. This beautiful October story between two opposites showcases that just maybe fall brings an unexpected, beautiful romance to life. 

These are recommendations on more books to read that you guys will enjoy and will encourage you to read more books during this upcoming fall season. Every book that you read creates a new world for you to enjoy and love so I hope that during this fall season, you are able to fall in love with various worlds all of which teach new things, provide joy, and relish in the cozy weather. I think these books are worth the read and I hope you will take the time to look and possibly read them.

As a side note: The books mentioned above were chosen based on my personal reads and preferences about books and storylines. These books are suggestions as I have not read these books yet either so, please do your own research to find books that are enjoyable for you. I hope these suggestions give you more books for your already ever-growing to-be-read list.

Vrunda Raj

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