Evelyn Cukor

Evelyn Cukor is a freshman studying Fashion Merchandising and Management at Jefferson University who combines her love for fashion and the environment in hopes of creating a better planet. 

What do you like about your major? 

My favorite thing about Fashion Merchandising and Management is that I feel like I’m double majoring in both things I love: fashion and business.   

What would you like to do once you leave school?

Once I leave school, I plan on working in wholesale for some ethical fashion company for a few years in Philly. After that I plan on moving to California and opening up my own thrift shop.  

You’re president of SOSA, tell me what that is, and what you do.

SOSA  (Student Organization for Sustainable Action) is Jefferson’s sustainability group. In this group we address the environmental threats on campus, do our best to address and change these threats,

participate in volunteer opportunities on and off campus, and mostly spend time with peers who have similar interests.  

How do you tie in being environmentally friendly with your every day life?

Every day I try to be as environmentally conscious as possible. For me, this means taking notes on my laptop, only shopping in second-hand stores (not fast fashion), recycling as much as possible, and using

a reusable water bottle every day. My long-term goal is to use the least amount of plastic as possible.  

The fashion industry is known for being one of the worst for the environment, what do you recommend for others to help fix this situation?  While the fashion industry is terrible for the environment, there IS ethical fashion. There are tons of companies that are sustainable, environmentally conscious, and have humane working conditions. I suggest

everyone in fashion should educate themselves on the real impact of the industry, try to only second-hand shop, and if possible, work for companies with ethical and sustainable conditions.

What are some of your favorite ethical brands?

For people local in the Philadelphia Area, Philly Aids thrift is an amazing store and company. Some of my favorite brands are; Reformation, People tree, and Patagonia because they have really good conditions.