Erase Your Face

Finding ways to be sustainable in this waste-filled world is so important. There are so many little things we can do that can amount to big things and make a difference. Something I use everyday is makeup wipes, and I often feel wasteful if I don’t use the whole thing. I decided to look around for a reusable makeup wipe, and found the best result!


“Erase your face” is a washcloth that removes all your makeup for you. All you have to do it wet it! When the cloth gets dirty, you put it in the wash and it’s back to being good as new. The cloths are so soft, come in multiple pretty colors, and are super convenient and sustainable.


You can buy them at stores like Kohl’s, Harmon, Amazon, and Bed Bath and Beyond for $10.00-$15.00 dollars for a pack of 4 washcloths. I kept one for myself and gifted the others to my friends! It’s the easiest makeup remover ever created and I’m so excited to be more sustainable and money conscious.

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