Bird Sing Song

Where we wake up to the sounds of birds searching for love.

A timely world

humans are equal.

And the sun rises and the waves roar

Watching movies in a crowd of strangers,

Listening to the same music,

Eating meals together



People had to fight times like this.

A time where

Not so long ago

All Humans could finally drink from the same water fountain,

What seems like so long ago,

Is not.

A timely world

A pattern repeated in history

Our Rights

Our Love

Our Faith

Our Earth

Our People.

Our Words.

Fighting for

And yet still,

We wake up to the sound of birds searching for love.

We still go to the movies

We fight for what and who we love

We search for answers in each other

We dream of a better future.

In the end we are all one.

You and I,

We are built of the same matter.

Crazy to think

How small we really are.

How big the universe is.

Step back and notice.


-Now Read it from Bottom to Top-