Best Tik Toks of 2019

In May of 2019, I begrudgingly redownloaded the Tik Tok app and got addicted to it shortly after. Last year, I swore I would never join the cringey creation of fifteen second here I am following trends and scrolling through the app for hours.

Here are my top 25 favorite Tik Toks of 2019.


  1. I’m Gonna Show You Challenge 

  2. Andre Challenge 

  3. Flamingo Challenge 

  4. Womp Womp Challenge 

  5. Plot Twist Challenge 

  6. I was fighting some demons Dance 

  7. They gon’ hate me regardless Dance 

  8. The Git Up Dance 

  9. I’ll be your one up girl Dance 

  10. But I’m Weak Challenge 

  11. Obsessed Dance 

  12. Fat Man Dance 

  13. Leg Jiggle Challenge 

  14. Hey Julie Challenge 

  15. Girls VS Guys Locker Rooms 

  16. Gravy Train Dance 

  17. I don’t have any money Challenge 

  18. Rules Challenge 

  19. That should be me (but it is) Challenge 

  20. Oh no I think I’m catching feelings 

  21. Slide Around Challenge 

  22. Liar Challenge 

  23. The joke is on you

  24. Whoever it lands on Challenge  

  25. Danielle Cohn Challenge