The Best Buzzfeed Quizzes to Take This Week

Buzzfeed Quizzes are the best and easy way to take a break from your schoolwork. Taking these quizzes with friends are even more fun because you can compare your results with each other. Personally, I’ve spent so much time doing Buzzfeed Quizzes because once you start you can’t stop. I love when these quizzes are spot on, but really funny when they get me totally wrong. Here are 10 Buzzfeed Quizzes that I’ve taken this week that you should try as well!

  1. 1. Choose A Hot Famous Guy for Every Letter of The Alphabet And We’ll Reveal If You’re An Introvert Or An Extrovert

    I took this quiz and got Introvert. I feel like I’m more of an Ambivert because I have my Introverted and Extroverted moments. While taking this quiz, sometimes it was hard to choose between the 4 choices, especially when Tom Holland and Timothée Chalamet were two of the choices.

  2. 2.  Is Your Assigned FBI Agent Worried About You Right Now?

    I took this quiz and got No. I’m not surprised by this because the only things I do now are schoolwork and binge-watching Big-Time Rush on Netflix.

  3. 3. It’s Kinda Weird, But We Can Guess Your Eye Color Based on The Dresses You Choose

    I took this quiz and got Brown Eyes which is correct! Looking at the dresses on this quiz made me want to go out and get a gown.

  4. 4. If You’d Rather Eat These Bland Foods Over These Exciting Ones, You Have A Bland Palette

    I took this quiz and got Food Adventurer. I was surprised by this because I thought I was a picky eater since I could live off Mac & Cheese and Chicken Strips.

  5. 5. Be Your Own Wedding Planner And We’ll Guess Your Age With 89% Accuracy

    I took this quiz and got 36-45 years old which is far from correct because I’m 18. I think it’s because I chose a sophisticated cake and preferred salmon over chicken tenders.

  6. 6. Your Cereal Choices Will Reveal If You’re an Overgrown Child

    I took this quiz and got Overgrown Child. I’m fine with this because super sugary cereal in the morning is the best!

  7. 7. Choose Between These Weird Scenarios and I’ll Reveal A Deep Truth About You

    I took this quiz and got Inner Child. I read the description and I feel like it fits me so well. I’ve always been the child of the friend group.

  8. 8. Which Big Time Rush Character Are You?

    I took this quiz and got Logan Mitchell. Logan’s always been my favorite Big Time Rush character!

  9. 9. Build the Perfect Significant Other And We’ll Guess Your Zodiac Sign With 99.97% Accuracy

    I took this quiz and got Scorpio which is not correct because I’m a Gemini. I wonder what choices I would have to pick to get Gemini.

  10. 10. It’s Kinda Weird, But Your Disney Character Preferences Will Reveal the First Letter of Your Soulmate’s Name

    I took this quiz and got the letter M. I guess I have to look out for all the guys whose names start with an M :)