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The Benefits of Having An Off-Campus Work-Study Job


            When I first received my work study job I was so excited to start because I assumed it would be on-campus and be within walking distance. I hoped I would work at the gym or the library; somewhere I could get my homework done and not do too much work. However, when I was given the job of working at an elementary school off campus I didn’t really know what to think of it at first. I had to figure out the public transportation which I had been putting off since I started school. The elementary school is about a 10 minute drive, so I couldn’t afford to keep using Uber’s there and back. My first day was definitely not what I expected. The school is very small and only has about 12 children per grade.


            My job at the school is tutoring students who might need help after school. To be enrolled at this specific school, your family must be at or below poverty level. Working with these kids has truly changed my life, and I believe that they teach me more than I actually help them. Going to see their smiling faces twice a week is what I look forward to. The way these kids are always happy and laughing no matter what they go through at home is inspiring and has definitely put a different perspective on my life.


            So yes, I may not have gotten the work study job where I do the least amount of work, but I believe I work somewhere so much better where it actually feels like I’m earning the money that I make. At this point however, I would tutor these kids for free because they are so amazing. If anyone is looking for a volunteer service or has work study but does not have a job placement yet, definitely talk to someone about trying to work at a local school. I really am so thankful that this is the job I was placed with, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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