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In this day and age everyone seems to identify as an influencer who posts on social media and then gets free products. Many times they receive free items from companies because they are famous, have a million followers, or post a TikTok that goes viral. What if I told you, you could get free full size products from companies just by being yourself? A product reviews and discovery platform called Influenster. 

How it works

First you create an account with the company filling out a survey about what you like from makeup to cleaning products. The company is more based around makeup and beauty, but has since expanded. An important tip to getting you closer to receiving free items is to review products you have already tried on the site and interact with other members. Another tip and trick is to connect to other social media platforms you have to your Influenster account. You will have a profile similar to Instagram and other media platforms, so you can have followers or follow people. This will also increase your chances of being sent a VoxBox.

What a VoxBox Is

A VoxBox is what they call their product boxes that they send with the products from a variety of companies. A clue to how you know you’re close to getting one is being sent a survey. The survey will ask you questions trying to fit you to the products that are being tested and at the end there will be a form to fill out your address. Now sometimes you will fill out a survey but receive no products because it is all data based. If you are accepted it is like a surprise since you do not get to pick. Influenster will send you a congratulations email if you are a perfect fit however, sometimes I have received the products before the email is even sent. Influenster will be put in a community of other people who are also receiving the product to interact and give you information on what to do next. Most of the time all you have to do is write a review on the website and post it on instagram.

What kind of VoxBoxes I have received

After being a member for four years I have been lucky to receive all kinds of beauty products from Morphe, Urban Decay, KISS Nails, Dove and many more! I recently just got a notification I will be receiving #BacktoCampusVoxBox with over seven different products to try coming in handy as we just got back to school. My final tip is to be patient. This process does not happen overnight; sometimes it can be three months till you receive a product. Good luck and I hope you enjoy Influenster as much as I have.

Emily Fitzgerald

Jefferson '23

I'm currently a senior at Thomas Jefferson University in East Falls Pennsylvania majoring in Fashion Design with a Textile Minor. I have a love for fashion and currently have designs and prints coming out in Spring/Summer'24 with a small golf apparel brand Belyn Key. I have been a bridal consultant for six years and counting. I am a sister of Theta Phi Alph and have been the chair holder of philanthropy, fundraising and special events. Some of my hobbies include cooking, traveling and crafting. I love baseball as I've been to 24 out of 30 stadiums; my home team being the Phillies. My articles are about my love for fashion and travel tips and tricks!