5 TV Show Conspiracy Theories

There are hundreds of theories about popular television shows, and most of them tend to be pretty morbid. In the end, they’re all in good fun, so here are 5 conspiracy theories about some of your favorite TV shows!

1. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

This theory goes that Will Smith’s character died during the basketball court fight in the intro song and when he goes to Bel Air, he’s actually going to heaven. The cab driver in the intro song is God himself, bringing Will Smith’s character to heaven. In Will’s “heaven”, he’s very happy with his friends and family. His mom and dad occasionally visit, but that’s when they’re visiting his grave. Pretty creepy.

2. Joey from Friends

            This conspiracy theory isn’t creepy, just really interesting and something to think about. This theory claims that Joey from Friends is actually pretty smart. In one episode, Joey has a one night stand with a girl and afterwards he begs Rachel, his new roommate, to help him get rid of her. He says that Chandler, his old roommate, would make pancakes for the girls that Joey broke up with in order to soften the blow, so Joey wanted Rachel to make her pancakes. Joey and this girl go on another date and he ends up actually falling for her, but in the end she tells Rachel that she does not want to be in Joey because she doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship. Feeling sorry for him, Rachel makes Joey pancakes. When he gets them, he says “Finally”, as if his plan all along was to just get pancakes. The theory states that Joey and the girl were in on the plan to get Rachel to ultimately make Joey pancakes. If you want to read this theory in greater depth, check it out here

3. Toby from The Office

            Fans of The Office know that a killer by the name of “The Scranton Strangler” is a little bit of a recurring character. Eventually, the strangler gets convicted and on the jury was none other than Toby. Afterwards, it’s clear that Toby feels a lot of guilt over the conviction and admits in season 9 the jury may have sentenced the wrong man to die. Since the beginning, Toby has had a strange obsession with the case. He also writes criminal novels in his spare time. The theory says that Toby is actually the Scranton Strangler! It’s not very likely, but it’s an interesting thought.

4. Rugrats

            This theory says that Angelica, the nasty little blonde girl who constantly tormented the other kids, actually imagined all of the kids in the show. She had to create these imaginary kids in order to have people around because her mother never cared about her. This would make sense because Angelica is the only one who can talk to the kids. This theory goes into greater detail and says that the kids she imagines are children who have died. It’s kind of creepy, but if would like to know how each kid died, here’s more:

5. Caillou has Cancer

            We’re going to end with one of the most popular TV show conspiracy theories. For a long time, the reigning Caillou theory is that the bald four-year-old is bald because he has cancer. This also explains why the kid always gets his way. Also, his entire family has a full head of hair except him. And the wacky adventures he goes on? It’s all in his imagination since he’s not sure if he’ll even be able to grow up. Yep, I told you that some of these theories are pretty morbid.


            There are conspiracy theories for just about every show out there. If you want to know a theory about a different show, I’ll leave you with a link to a subreddit dedicated to all different fan theories. https://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/