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I am always looking for new things to watch on Netflix, but it seems like I have watched everything! Here are some of my favorite movies and TV shows that you can watch on Netflix right now!

  1. Girlboss: I have watched Girlboss a total of 5 times! This show is by far my favorite show on Netflix and has been for years! Girlboss is loosely based on the story of the founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso. It is the perfect show for a fashion lover that is an easy weekend binge watch.
  2. The Last Letter from Your Lover: I don’t think this movie got the love it deserves! As a hopeless romantic, this movie was a perfect movie for me. I highly recommend it to all the romance lovers. The Last Letter from Your Lover really makes you go through all the feelings! I do wish that I read the book before I watched, so I recommend reading first!
  3. Clickbait: THIS SHOW!!! I binge watched Clickbait in one night! It is the perfect show for crime junkies and has so many twists and turns!! This has to definitely be one of my favorite suspenseful shows I have watched. Highly recommend it!!!!!
  4. Money Heist: Whenever anyone asks me what they should watch on Netflix, this is ALWAYS my number one answer!! Money Heist really keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time, and you never see what is coming! The cast is perfect, and you really start to connect with and feel for the characters throughout the series. The
  5. Social Dilemma: This docudrama leaves you really thinking when you’re finished with it. It does an amazing job at depicting teenagers and even adults’ addiction with social media and technology. The Social Dilemma really changes one’s perspective on technology and is very informative to all audiences.

She’s Out of My League: She’s Out of My League is a flawless hidden gem romcom that I think everyone needs to see! This movie is a perfect mindless watch, with its

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I am Brielle Manzo, and I am a sophomore at Thomas Jefferson University! I have a passion for fashion, and love writing about it! I also love to write anything life, beauty, or advice.
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