5 Of the Best Ideas to Come Out of Shark Tank

Shark Tank has been a source of entertainment for television viewers since it premiered in 2009. Budding entrepreneurs show their business plans to multi-millionaire industry experts (“sharks”),  in hopes of getting an investment. Some of the products are so simple they’ll leave you thinking, “I could have thought of that!”, while some are so strange you’ll swear it has to be a joke. Here are the top five products to come out of Shark Tank!


1. Coffee Joulies

Two mechanical engineers from New Jersey came up with a way to keep any hot drink the perfect temperature for a long period of time. Their solution is small stainless steel capsule that traps excess heat to keep your drink at 140 degrees for up to 5 hours. All five sharks made an offer, but in the end four of them went in on the deal together, leaving Mark Cuban out. Since then, Coffee Joulies has been tremendously successful, appearing on The Today Show and skyrocketing sales. 

More info: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXmAUEt1r_4


2. Wicked Good Cupcakes

This mother-daughter duo appeared on Shark Tankwith their idea of a cupcake in a jar. Their pitch raised a few concerns amongst the sharks, and four were eventually out, leaving Mr. Wonderful, aka Kevin O`Leary. They struck a deal and since then, Wicked Good cupcakes have opened a commercial baking facility and two more retail stores in Massachusetts.

More info: https://www.wickedgoodcupcakes.com/default


3. Loliware

Every year, 25 billion plastic cups end up in landfills across America. Two friends created an all-natural product to reduce this number significantly. Not only are these cups biodegradable, you can also eat them! This presentation ended with a bidding war between Mark, Barbara and Robert. In the end, Mark and Barbara reached a negotiation with the girls together and the business has been growing ever since.

More info: http://sce.parsons.edu/blog/product-design-alumna-secure-funding-for-edible-cup-on-shark-tank/


4. Scrubdaddy

This smiley-face sponge is the most successful product to ever come out of the tank. A Philadelphia man demonstrated his product infomercial-style in front of the sharks and made a deal with Lori Grenier, the queen of QVC. Since then, Scrubdaddyhas made over $50 million dollars in sales and can be found in Bed Bath & Beyond and thousands of grocery stores across the country.

More info: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/scrub-daddy-is-shark-tank-biggest-success-2015-4/


5. Simple Sugars

After trying numerous products to combat her severe eczema, Lani Lazzari wasn’t satisfied with any results, so she decided to create her own. At just 11-years old, creator of Simple Sugars was mixing up ingredients to make the perfect face product. This line of all-natural skin-care products caught the interest of Mark Cuban and from then the company took off, generating $1 million in sales only 6 weeks after the episode aired.

More info: https://www.simplesugarsscrub.com


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