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25 Things To Do Instead Of Checking Your Phone

Checking your phone can become just a natural reaction at times. However, 25 minutes later and you realize how much time you just wasted stalking your friends’ sisters’ boyfriend. Here is a list of more productive things you can do instead of obsessively scrolling through your phone.

  • Make a to-do list
  • Go on a jog
  • Go to the nearest park with a book & coffee
    • People watching is everything
  • Do said things on the to-do list
  •  Make a bucket list of things to do before you’re 50
    •  Make it realistic
  •  Color in a coloring book, or just doodle
  •  Clean out your makeup drawer–you’ll feel so accomplished after
  •  Paint your nails & put on a face mask
  •  Binge watch your favorite guilty-pleasure show
    • You’ll be surprised how fast you can get through it without checking your phone
  •  Do something completely mindless
    • Knitting, puzzles, sudoku​
  •  Get in touch with your present self.
    •  Write in a journal, listen to your favorite band, do some yoga
  •  Go thrift shopping
  •  If you don’t want to buy anything, just go window shopping
    •  It’s surprisingly very therapeutic
  •  Go to the movies
    •  Even if you go by yourself, you’ll still have a good time
  •  Try a new makeup routine
    •  Go crazy! Do a wing eyeliner, smokey eye, something wild
  •  Go on a cleaning spree
    •  Bathroom, bedroom, closet; you name it
  •  Get ahead on schoolwork- it really is helpful and you’ll thank yourself when finals come around
  •  Teach yourself a new skill
    •  Piano, a new computer game, ukulele; you’ll be surprised with your hidden talents
  •  Meal prep for the week
    •  Go on a cooking spree and make all your meals for the week, it can actually be fun and it consumes a lot of time
  •  Make something fun for your dorm
    •  Paint on a canvas, or make a cute fall decoration!
  •  Start a vinyl collection
    •  It can actually become addicting; vinyl stores are amazing
  •  Rearrange your room
    •  Change up your desk and dresser, new room for a new week!
  •  Do a 10 minute ab workout
    •  Random, but you’ll feel awesome after.
  •  Download a bunch of podcasts and listen to them on a nice day outside
    •  Don’t check your phone!
  •  Watch random YouTube videos that consume about 3 hours of your time but are actually surprisingly educational
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