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2 Baddies 1 Porsche: An NCT 127 Album Review

NCT 127, a boy group based in South Korea, has just released their 4th full album titled 2 Baddies. Boasting 12 beautiful tracks, NCT 127 takes listeners on a trip with their music. Since listening to 12 tracks can feel quite overwhelming, I will list all of their songs from this album and describe them in detail. I will also rate them. Hopefully, this list will give people a broad idea of every song and incentivize you to try new music or even add another song to your neverending playlist. Let’s start with the first track on the album:


With a heavy baseline, deep vocal colors rapping over percussion that speeds up, and a plethora of traffic sounds, Faster is a song that keeps building up with no resolution. Coupled with an anti-drop, the first song on this album leaves fans on the precipice of relief only to be completely thrown over by the next song. Musically, this is not my favorite track, yet if you enjoy any of the elements listed, I would recommend you give Faster a listen. 6.4/10

2 Baddies

2 Baddies is the title track and the namesake of the album. If you speak English, this song’s name is quite funny despite the actual nature of the song. With a chanting chorus of “2 baddies 2 baddies 1 Porsche,” NCT 127 really embodies the racing theme that has going on with this album. The rap flows well over the beat, and with the melodic vocals slipping between the rap and the chorus, 2 Baddies is the epitome of the “neo” sound that NCT has going on for them. 8/10

Time Lapse

This song sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie, but a very specific type. A futuristic, dystopian world with technicolor painting over skyscrapers and AI flying all around us, this song transports listeners to this world. However, this world is melancholic, maybe a little lonely with the lack of humans. Thus the pleas of “can we fix it?” on top of a repeating electronic reload motif that sounds reminiscent of stars is so effective at depicting this scene. I cannot describe how good this song sounds. 10/10.  

Crash Landing

One word: sparkly. If you love songs that sound like you are floating among the stars, this song is for you. An R&B song coupled with bright vocals, this song sounds otherworldly. Although vocally dominated, the rap sections switch up the beat and genre altogether while maintaining the same feel. The bridge slows things down and truly lets you “go to another planet,” suspending you at that moment before bringing you back with beautiful vocals layered on top of one another. 10/10 


The beginning of this song tricks listeners about the genre of the song. Despite the heavy-hitting beat that is shoved into the listeners’ faces, this song is mellow, much like a serenade, with fun ad-libs that keep the song interesting. There is still a starry factor in the instrumental that carried over from Crash Landing. With lyrics professing the perfection of someone, claiming them to be their “designer,” and praising every work they’ve made, this song is romantic. The intro comes back in the bridge, but the seamless transition does not really highlight the dichotomy of the two sounds – it blends them. 10/10

Gold Dust

This is the “slow down” song, although it is nowhere near a ballad or a sad song. With siren-like vocals, gold dust sounds like golden silk and smooth. The falsettos also give this song an ethereal sound. I would recommend this song for study, sleep, or even simple vibing. In fact, the more I listen to it, the more it reminds me of a fairy grotto in a fantastical world. Hidden away, peaceful and undisturbed, gold dust sits, floating through the air, creating a magical atmosphere. 9.5/10

Black Clouds

Black Clouds sounds bright and whimsical despite its name and lyrics. Thinking about an ex-lover in the rain, the lyrics convey a quiet sort of acceptance yet reminiscent of the past. This song progressively grows brighter as the feelings associated with the ex wash away with the rain. Near the bridge, the catchy “rain, rain open my head, rain rain, always be there” shows the freedom that comes with acceptance and comfort in the fact that despite the ex-lover leaving, the rain will always be a constant in their lives. It’s a cute song that I think people should listen to. 9.5/10. 


With an industrial sound filled with clear metallic clinks and clangs, NCT delivers an almost robotic sound with fun vocals. I guess you could consider this song “pop,” but it’s not like a traditional pop song. The bridge is also interesting as it rewinds the vocals a little, trying to its namesake, creating an interesting sound. This song is a good chill song to play on long car rides   9.3/10


A rap-focused track, Tasty is hip-hop and “tasty like butter on scones.” The vocals build down, if you know what I mean. It starts off in the middle, goes up quickly, then drops as the line ends.  Then as the chorus approaches. The heavy, pronounced baseline makes some of the rap verses hit harder during their parts. There is also this kind of trap beat during the bridge that sounds cool. As NCT 127 says, they’re “savage, outlaws / Rock solid no flaws” 7.6/10


This definitely reminds me of the R&B tracks of the early 2000s/late 90s. I either hear some type of jazz horns in the back, or their vocals sound like the horn, but regardless of how, it adds to the funkiness of this song. Perfect for chill and vibing, the vocals are also a little sexy, which adds flavor to this track. Calling themselves “vitamin-me,” 127 invites you to “try it and see.” As always, their bridges slow things down, removing the horns and isolating the pure vocals. I would definitely recommend this song. 10/10

LOL (Laugh-Out-Loud)

This song is bright, yet not sugary, you know? It’s not bubblegum pop, but a fun and energy-filled song which is enough to make anyone want to dance.“So laugh it up, laugh it up!” is an anthem that a lot of people need to follow these days. The way they sing “L-O-L” is so cute and is sure to improve the mood of anyone listening. Near the end of the song, the nanana’s tie everything together easily. 10/10

1,2,7 (Time Stops)

As per every NCT 127 album, the last song is typically dedicated to their fans, Nctzens. It sounds groovy, and some have described this song as “90s funk,” which may or may not be accurate. The altercations to their voices at certain parts make the song sound a little electronic – an homage to the beginning of the album. “You…. make….. time…. Stop….” with dreamy pauses between every word builds anticipation and washes a sense of calm over any listener. 7.9/10 

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