Will JB's New Music be Religious?

When Youtube sensation Justin Bieber released his first album in 2009, he instantly became a hit among teenage and adolescent girls. In fact, his catchy love songs and boyish looks earned him a “heartthrob” title in a matter of months. However, in more recent years, the Biebs has shifted his focus from pop songs to spiritually centered music, with a few tracks on his Purpose album already containing religious themes, and an upcoming album that will, supposedly, be dedicated to his spirituality.

Bieber’s first two albums, My World 1.0 and My World 2.0, feature “meaningless” love songs such as “One Less Lonely Girl”, “Somebody to Love” and world renown hit “Baby.” Shortly after My World 2.0 debuted in 2010, it broke several Billboard records and went platinum within just two months of its release. About a year or so after his first album went public, the Biebs toured worldwide, with most of his shows featuring a sell-out crowd of tweens and pre-pubescent girls - myself being one of them. It’s no secret that fortune and worldwide fame are a lot for the average 16-year-old to handle, and Bieber ruined his appearance in the public eye almost instantly.

The Biebs remained a teen heartthrob during his My World phase, as he wasn’t considered “douchey” until his third studio album, Believe, was released in 2012. While said album was being recorded, Bieber had been arrested once or twice, partook in underaged drinking (gasp!) and blatantly disrespected his fans. Not to mention, several crew members revealed how hurtful Bieber could be during recording sessions, claiming that he had a track record of “hurting feelings.” All of the Biebs’  “douchebag” tendencies caused him to completely shift his focus, alter his social media activity and reinvent his public appearance for his Purpose album. Most of these changes stemmed from his budding Christian faith, and Justin Bieber’s spiritual progression has been documented in both his music and social media activity.