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Why You Should Listen to John Mayer’s “The Search for Everything”

These songs are worth listening to.

  1. “Moving On and Getting Over” – Smooth and almost jazzy, this song has subtle undertones of Your Body Is A Wonderland, which was released nearly 16 years ago. People who’ve been Mayer fans since the very beginning are likely satisfied with this single, as it took them back to when Mayer first started climbing the charts.

  2. “Changing” – A catchy song with soothing guitar instrumentals, Mayer has taken fans back to 2003 when he first released his hit single Daughters. With lyrics just as inspiring and meaningful as his 2003 hit, Mayer claims that many of his newer music is a “representation of hours living inside of these little worlds”. Is Mayer referencing to foreign worlds, or worlds we learned about through his older music? Whichever it may be, fans are ecstatic with Mayer’s revival of his smooth, unforgettable and slightly jazzy music.

  3. “Love On The Weekend” – After listening to this soft, relaxing tune for the first time, fans will undoubtedly want to escape for the weekend. With fun lyrics and soft acoustics, this song is far different from Mayer’s heavier music that was released in 2006 album Continuum. Seeing as he collaborated with many of the same people from the Continuum crew to perform and record the songs on his latest music project, the subtle differences between both albums were not anticipated.

  4. “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me” – Heartfelt and genuine, this track, while not a duet, is similar to Mayer’s 2014 hit “Half of My Heart.” Both songs focus on moving forward, regardless of heartbreak. “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me” explains how even after a break up, a shared relationship will never cease to become apart of someone, as does Half of My Heart. Both songs are worth a listen, as their message is timeless.

In all, Mayer’s first wave of music for his album The Search for Everything is both similar to and different from his older albums. While many of his newer tracks have the “Mayer flare” to them, their lyrics are softer and more playful than his other releases. Take “Love On The Weekend,” for example, and its relaxed, youthful tone of taking a weekend escape, compared to his 2006 release of “Waiting On the World to Change,” which focused on world issues and the need for people to make a difference.

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