Why We Love Netflix's Sabrina

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has struck the hearts of occult fans and Christians alike. After watching Part 3, I decided to break down what’s so great about the series.

Person pointing a remote at a t.v. that reads Netflix

Intricate Dialogue

The inversion of common sayings:

 “Satan, save us!”

“Your dishonors”

“Disorder in the court”

“Unholy shit”

“It’s the witching hour somewhere”


“Unholy Eminence”

“For hell's sake”


And some great quotes:

"What's the matter, love?" "Nothing, just my melancholia." -Cousin Ambrose

"I do so love stirring the cauldron.” -Lilith/ Ms. Wordwell

"But I want both. I want freedom and power." - Sabrina


Diverse Characters

I love that the characters on Sabrina come from different backgrounds, have different sexual identities, and grew up in different environments (both socio-economical and magical). I think having a popular TV show with a wide representation of characters promotes inclusivity. We are, after all, very unique. Bonus Points: Aunt Zelda and Mambo Marie kissing

Vintage and Witchy Aesthetic

As the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are part of the Archie Comics universe (like the beloved Riverdale), there is a certain vintage aesthetic. I remember after first watching the show I had to google what time period it was set in. The ambiguity of it all makes Sabrina that much better. I personally like the 50s/60s era vibes in combination with the classic “witchy” environment. The fact that the Spellman family runs a mortuary is macabre with just the right amount of comedy.

glass orb and city

If you haven’t yet had the chance to watch Part 3, STOP READING HERE (spoilers).

  • Nick Scratch becomes a more sympathetic yet frustrating character
  • Sabrina and Harvey Kinkle become confused about their current (and past) relationship
  • A sexy newcomer arrives named Caliban (Prince of Hell)
  • Theo snags a significant other
  • We get an in-depth look at Hell
  • New types of magic arrive in Greendale (Paganism and Voodoo)
  • We meet some infamous historical figures
    • I really love how the writers can take lore or historical events and spin it into the story. For example, Sabrina goes on a question to find the Unholy Regalia where she meets Judas, Pontius Pilate, and Vlad the Impaler. The writers also introduce us to “blood paganism” and pagan deities like Pan, Medusa, Circe, and the Green Man. Bonus: we meet the real Loch Ness Monster.
  • Time magic is among us! Because time, dimensions, and generally more metaphysics were involved in this Part, the sequence of events and outcomes becomes less cut and dry.


Predictions for next season

  • Father Blackwood returns to bother the coven with his outdated, petty, and malicious ways
  • Sabrina has to deal with the consequences of not closing the time loop (there cannot be two)
  • A bigger, stranger force comes to Greendale as Mambo Marie suggests
  • Hell plays a bigger role in Part 4 (does this also mean more powdered wigs and French revolution era attire?)