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What Our Staff is Doing Over Easter Break

Hallelujah! Next week is Easter Break, which means we are closer and closer to finishing up the semester! Here’s a peek at what some of our staff will be doing in the meantime:


“For Easter my family always goes to the Easter Vigil Mass, which is like a three hour extravaganza on Saturday night. Then on Sunday we go to my aunt and uncle’s house for brunch, and we have a little Easter egg hunt for all the kids to do while the rest of us sit back and relax. ” —Grace

“For Easter break I will be traveling to Detroit, MI to spend time with family. I’m really excited as it has been a long time since I have seen most of my family from this side, so it will be nice to hang out with them again. Although it will be different than how I usually spend my Easter, since part of my family will be away at my younger sister’s sports tournament. I am looking forward to catching up on sleep, getting ahead on assignments before April kicks in, and being around family in Michigan.” —Mary


“I’m meeting my family at an Indiana state park for a couple of days. We’re staying at pet-friendly accommodations so that we can bring my dog too, which is awesome! I anticipate a lot of hiking and some great natural views, plus spending some time with my family since I didn’t get to see them over Spring Break. It’ll only be a few days, but it should be a really nice break.” —Mallory

“Finding Easter eggs around the yard! The youngest in the family is 10 years old now and even my 80 year old grandpa gets out on the front lawn and tries to get some candy! It’s fun to see the adults all competing.” —Autumn


“My family does not have any special traditions on Easter, other than eating breakfast around the dining room table, which is reserved for holidays and special occasions. This is also where we eat the hard-boiled eggs we decorated the night before. We get all fancy for church in the morning and then later, we celebrate. Usually, my family hosts the whole family but the host house has been varying in recent years. I am really excited, and fortunate, to be able to go home and spend time with family. I have no current plans for my Easter Break other than doing a puzzle with my mom, giving my dog way too much attention, and just relax.” —Caitlyn

“This Easter Break, I’m most looking forward to spending time with my nieces, my nephew, and my friends from home. Each time I come home for a break, my friends and I go to Barrio at least three times… We’re obsessed! I’m also excited to host my family’s annual Easter brunch and eat the plethora of candy in my Easter basket!” —Dana



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