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Unique Valentine’s Day Dates




Valentine’s Day is coming up and, let’s be honest, we’re sick of the same old dinner and a movie routine.  The restaurants are packed, the movies usually aren’t that great, and you don’t actually get to spend a lot of quality time with your significant other.  Here are some alternate ideas to make your Valentine’s Day date one that doesn’t require standing in line at The Cheesecake Factory for two hours.

Bring out your Inner Child

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Get your adrenaline pumping at Sky Zone in Westlake.  Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park perfect for breaking your cabin fever and breaking the cycle of typical dates.  You can reserve your place ahead of time online, which ensures that you get in.  They only let a certain amount of people in for each time slot, so you’ll always have room to jump.  You’ll have tons of fun laughing, being silly and actually interacting with each other rather than sitting in a dark theater.  You could even try to find out who can do the best flip!  Bonus: It’s an AMAZING workout! Just be sure to wear comfortable clothes!

Get Creative

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Admit it: you’ve always wanted to reenact the scene from The Princess Diaries with the paint balloons on the canvas.  While it’s probably a little cold to set up a giant canvas outside, and we don’t all have our own studios, you can still get creative and have fun together.  Make each other canvas valentines.  You can talk and laugh while you paint, and you’ll end the date with a fun piece of art to hang up later.  Make it interesting by painting on each other’s canvases or holding the brush with your teeth.  It doesn’t have to look amazing after.  The important thing is that you can laugh and talk while doing something different.

Cuddle Up

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When was the last time you built a blanket fort?  Probably not in a very long time.  You and your significant other can work together to build the best fort you can to watch your movies in.  Make it a double feature that way you each get what you want in a movie of your choice.  Don’t forget to stock the fort with movie theater candy and popcorn.  Your fort will be way better than hard uncomfortable movie theater chairs and you can talk without being a disruption.  Bonus: your cozy blanket fort is much better for cuddling than movie theater seats!

Make it Sweet

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We’ve all heard “the way to his heart is his stomach,” but let’s get real. When it comes to sweets, the same can be said for us girls!  If you have access to a kitchen, bake Valentine’s themed cookies together.  It’s just messy enough to be fun, but not so messy that the hour and a half (or more) that you spent getting ready won’t go to waste.  If you don’t have an oven, dip things in chocolate.  You can buy microwavable dipping chocolate at the grocery store.  Buy it along with strawberries, marshmallows, Vanilla wafers, Oreos, bananas, or whatever else you and your significant other come up with. Bonus: get some Valentine’s Day sprinkles and have fun decorating your creations!

Show your competitive side

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Chances are you are not the only ones looking for something fun and interesting to do on Valentine’s Day.  Find another couple or two that have nothing to do and have a board game night.  Games like Pictionary, Catchphrase, and Guesstures are fun (and hilarious).  You can play them in teams so you can have guys vs. girls.  Bonus: intensify the competition by adding a bet like losing team has to give the winning team a foot rub or losing team has to stand barefoot in the snow for 15 seconds while winners video tape!

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