These Women Basically Ruled the '90s

During my late elementary school years and throughout high school, I watched ‘90s sitcoms incessantly. “FRIENDS,” “Saved By the Bell,” “Full House” and “The Nanny” are a few of my favorites, and mainly due to their strong, empowering female leads. Listed below are a few of the best female characters from the ‘90s - modern sitcoms simply can’t compete.


1. Phoebe Buffay, “FRIENDS.” From sassy one-liners to “Smelly Cat” performances, Phoebe is undoubtedly the most outspoken of her female companions in “FRIENDS.” In more specific terms, she’s always honest, upfront and willing to confront any man who rubs her the wrong way. In fact, many argue that Phoebe is FRIENDS’ “feminist hero.”


2. Lisa Turtle, “Saved By the Bell.” While there is hardly any diversity in “Saved By the Bell," Lisa’s character doesn’t coincide with any racial stereotypes. She’s smart, popular, wealthy and likable, which was extremely uncommon for an African American character during the ‘90s. In terms of the show, Lisa always prioritizes her friends and loved ones above all else, which isn’t the case for many of her pals at Bayside High School.


3. Aunt Becky, “Full House.” While I’ll always be jealous of her relationship with Uncle Jesse, Becky is a real team player. For one, she is totally cool with Jesse’s wacky family situation, and makes an honest effort to get to know his three nieces. Not to mention how hard she makes him work to earn a first date with her. Mad respect for you, Aunt Becky.


4. Rachel Green, “FRIENDS.” Rachel is, without a doubt, my favorite “FRIENDS” character. While her relationship with Ross is persistently on again/off again, she always tries to be upfront with him, and stuck to her guns when they were “on a break.” Also, don’t forget about her job progression from coffee waitress to Ralph Lauren executive. #GirlBoss.


5. Fran Fine, “The Nanny.” For starters, Fran is not one to mask her sexuality, even in a family friendly environment. Although her primary goal is to win the affections of her boss, Mr. Sheffield, Fran forms a strong bond with the kids she nannies, and becomes somewhat of a mother figure to them. All while wearing stiletto heels and mini skirts, might I add.