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The Stages of Meeting for a Group Project

Being assigned to a group with little to no friends

This is where it begins to become intimidating as you are separated from your friends and informed to complete a project that will be worth half of your grade.

Swapping contact information

This is the stage where you swap numbers and may or may not create a group chat. You and your partners will message each other to attempt to set up a day to meet, when in reality you won’t meet until the day before it is due.

Delegating tasks

This is the stage where you will assign a task to each member in a fair effort to split up the work evenly. You know very well that one member won’t contribute until the last minute, one member will finish their part and want to do more, and another won’t contribute at all, leaving a lot of miscommunication.  

The forgotten phase

The deadline will slowly approach as you put the project in the back of your mind. Tensions build because people will give any and all excuses to get out of meeting again.

The panic phase

Your project is due in a few days and all your feelings of things being okay turn into tension and anger. This project is worth most of your grade and you cannot afford to take a loss. This is where you pick up the slack of the rest of your group members.

The phase of completion

The project comes together not only within the last day before, but within the hours before class. This causes everyone in the group to be stressed after saving the project to the last minute. This could have been saved if procrastination had not set in, but let’s be honest, with everyone’s various commitments in college, it is near impossible to meet and get an adequate amount of work done in a decent amount of time. The best solution is to keep improving time management in all aspects.

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