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Spring Break Fashions for Any Weather

Whether there is a tropical ocean vista outside your window or 4 feet of snow, it does not change the fact that spring break has arrived for the John Carroll community! Some have gone home to spend quality time with their parents and catch up with local friends while others may be globetrotting to a more spring vacation-esque location; either way, the red brick enclosed walkways of John Carroll University are quiet as the students and faculty enjoy a well-deserved break.

In light of this celebration, collegiate young adults may want to celebrate by dressing with spring in mind. Now, wearing shorts and a flip flops in 30 degree weather may not be the most practical investment, there are ways to dress for spring break even if the spring weather is a little late in coming. However, for those lucky enough to escape the Midwest’s insistent grasp on this winter wonderland for a warmer climate, have no fear! Indulge in your spring fever style! Tips and fashion advice to incorporate spring into your wardrobe that corresponds to your spring break locale are as follows:

For those traveling this spring break to a more spring appropriate climate, light layering is the key. I know, we all enjoy the simplicity of shorts and a tank, but layering has its many benefits. For instance, the sun’s harmful rays are harsh to the bare skin, so adding a light button down or kimono to your outfit can help reduce skin damage. Plus, it adds a little something extra to your outfit and, let’s face it, it is much more fashionable than sunscreen (this is a joke people, WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!) Another functional fashionable accessory is the wide brimmed hat or sun hat. Not only is this super cute, but it also shields your face from the sun and protects your scalp from sunburn, which results in undesirable peeling (we’ve ALL been there and it is not a fun experience).

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 My final piece of advice for those staying in the sun is to minimize your necklaces, bracelets, and rings. “What?” you may ask, “Why would it be MORE fashionable to reduce the amount of accessories we wear?” Well, the answer, my friend, lies between the lines. Between the tan lines to be precise. Wearing jewelry while spending extended amounts of time in the sun results in strips of lighter skin striping our fingers, wrists, and necks that are as inconspicuous as highlighter in a textbook. If you are one of those people who feels naked without wearing jewelry, then I recommend that you circulate and switch up your jewelry choices often to avoid unwanted tan lines. There’s nothing like bad tan lines to remind you of what was and what might have been, not the type of reminder one wants to take back with them from break. Stick to photos and souvenirs. And, if it has not been clear enough already, wear your sunscreen!

Now, for those who will be spending your spring break in Ohio or up north, my sympathies. But just because it is not spring on your street does not mean you cannot have spring in your fashion! I highly recommend wearing bright spring colored sweaters, like tangerine, teal, pink, green, or any other warm tone. And, if you’re feeling extra spring feverish, try some floral patterns as well! I also recommend brightly colored accent scarves that may also have floral patterns. Out with the thick woolen scarves and in with the light weight scarves that reflect your lighthearted attitude over spring break. Perhaps even paint your nails a vibrant color and attempt to perform some nail art you pinned on Pinterest ages ago and paint tiny flowers on your thumbs. Throw on a festive flower crown! It does not matter what others think of your decisively spring themed fashion choices because all that matters is that it is spring break, which means spring is on the way and your are excited for its arrival!

There you have it folks, some fashion ideas and tips to ponder while you enjoy your spring break. I hope that you all try some of these in the anticipation of a fantastic and fun filled spring break! Safe travels to those traveling to the tropics; wear your sunscreen. To those staying put, stay warm and keep hope burning in your heart for spring’s soon arrival (hopefully that fire will keep you warm).

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Nina is currently a Senior at John Carroll University and has been writing for Her Campus since she was a Freshman. 
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