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Sorority Recruitment: A Freshman’s Perspective

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at JCU chapter.

After going through sorority recruitment this past weekend, I realized that a lot of the stereotypes and myths about sororities and recruitment are not true. Whether you’re rushing this fall or next spring, you may find it beneficial to hear my perspective of the whole ordeal, since I am a freshman that just finished recruitment. Just because these myths are commonly told, does not mean they’re always true.

Myth: There are only a few sororities at JCU worth joining.

Truth: All five sororities at JCU are great. They each offer something to their members and to campus and every one of them is unique in their own way. Don’t go into recruitment closed-minded with only one or two sororities you’re willing to join. Give each one of them a chance; you never know if you may be surprised about whom you really get along with. With five sororities here, you can find an amazing home and wonderful sisters in any one of them.

Myth: If I am a legacy or told by my hostess that I’ll be invited back tomorrow, I’m safe.

Truth: Sadly, this isn’t always the case. I was a legacy in one particular chapter and got dropped the second day. Yes, it really stinks, but you have to learn to move on and focus on the sororities that do want you. Take being dropped as a sign that you weren’t meant to be in that sorority. Who knows, maybe you weren’t invited back because that particular sorority saw you as a better fit with someone else.

Myth: If I join a sorority, I won’t have time for my academics.

Truth: This myth is totally wrong! Sororities were built on the foundation of academic excellence. All sororities prioritize grades over everything. Many sororities even require their members to achieve a certain grade point average every semester. Joining a sorority can improve your grades by helping you with time management, getting a set GPA, and always having someone to help you out and study with.

Myth: Sororities are buying your friends.

Truth: The cost to joining a sorority has no correlation with “buying friends.” Membership dues are used for leadership development, programs, and philanthropy. Nowhere does it say that the money goes towards buying friends. The reason you are paying dues is because joining a sorority is like joining any other club. You make friends with the people who are in Theatre Club with you, so why not sororities? If you all have something in common and are passionate about the same values, there should be no questioning your friendship.

Myth: Being in a sorority has no benefits after graduation.

Truth: The statement that stuck with me the most during sorority recruitment was “Sorority membership is not just for four years, it’s for life.” That really is true. As an alumnus, you can actively serve as chapter advisors and mentors. There are so many networking and scholarship opportunities that a woman can receive through her sorority. Plus, your sisters will be some of your best friends, so that relationship will be one that you cherish for a lifetime.

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