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Snapshot: Finals Week Solidarity

While working on one of my many essays for the end of the semester, I noticed this kind message scratched on the side of my study carrel on the third floor of the Grasselli Library. It gave me comfort to know that I was not alone during this extremely stressful time of year. While exams season does ‘test’ us in more ways than one, it is nice to know that at the very least we are all in it together. We are all thankful now that Finals Week has ‘final-ly’ come to an end. Give yourselves a pat on the back, because you did it! After months of grueling hours spent towards your classes, you have finished strong. These last few weeks were tough, but we all managed to get through it just in time to enjoy the holiday season. No more papers and tests looming over our shoulders. We can all feel comfortable knowing that we made it through together.


Happy Holidays JCU!

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