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Sam and Jenny

This week our profile is everyone’s favorite campus couple! You know them. Read up on Sam and Jenny’s adorable story here: 

HC: How did you guys meet?

Sam: We met at late night bingo our freshman year. I knew Jenny’s roommate and invited her to bingo. Jenny pushed her roommate to go and we hung out at Bingo with my brother and sister.

HC: Who made the first move?

Jenny: Depends on what you count as the first move. I kissed Sam first but he asked for my number the first night we met. So both of us?

HC: What was your first date like?

Sam: We have been really close friends since we first met so it’s tough to remember our first date. We ate dinner together a lot and just would sit in the café and talk for an hour or two almost nightly. Our first “date” date that I can remember was going to see “The Lego Movie” and we grabbed lunch beforehand.

HC: How long have you been together?

Jenny: Two years and a month on February 10th

HC: Whats your favorite thing about each other?

Sam: The way she can always make me smile no matter how I feel.

Jenny: He always makes me smile and laugh no matter what, so his humor :)

HC: What was your first impression of each other?

Sam: The best way to explain our first impressions were our first texts to each other. I said “hey you’re pretty cool. Did you know that?” and her response was “Ya, I think your pretty cool too J”

HC: What is your favorite thing to do together?

Jenny: I think the nicest thing to do with each other is hanging out with each other families and just having family time together. 

Sam: Either going on our adventures to places like Rome, The UK, Disney, Chicago, or other small day trips, or hanging out together after a long day and just talking about all of it and unwinding in that way.

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