A Rebuttal for "The Big Lebowski"


Have you ever met a person and just knew that you didn’t like them? I learned in psychology that your subconscious can pick up on micro-scents that determine your love or hate for others. Pending the accuracy of this theory, “The Big Lebowski” must exude an especially putrid scent as it was among the worst films I have ever seen.

Deemed as a “cult classic,” this film follows The Dude’s (Jeff Bridges) journey to find a kidnapped trophy wife. Opening with an eerie voice-over, we see The Dude attempting to buy a carton of Half and Half with a check. While everyone can relate to being strapped for cash, no one can relate to spending the last of your money on Half and Half. Accompanied by the “Nom”-obsessed Walter Sobchak (John Goodman), The Dude meets a series of characters and challenges including a creep-bowler, a quirky redhead, and shut-the-f*ck-up-Donny (Steve Buscemi). 

The Coen Brothers, Joel and Ethan, have had a successful run in writing and directing films. “Fargo” (1996) was an amazing black crime comedy and one of my personal favorites is an incredible movie. So, when I saw “The Big Lebowski” I was thoroughly disappointed. The plot was average at best. I understand the reasoning behind the plot, the goofy and “exciting” storyline with an intense crime, money at stake, and a couple of hot ladies. Character-wise, I thought The Dude was extremely disingenuous. The “surfer bro” demeanor of The Dude was forced. Every time I heard Bridge’s say “dude” my ulcer progressed and then experienced a severe cringe. Maude Lebowski (Julianne Moore) was an equally awful character. The dialogue of her character is so obscure. I believe the point of her character was to be a feminine power figure, but her lines about “vaginas” and “johnsons” were cringe-inducing. It was appalling to me that such a talented cast could flop so badly; I guess even the best artists can only do so much when given trash and told to make beauty. The one character that I found to be bearable was Walter Sobchak played by John Goodman. His blunt remarks about Vietnam and zero tolerance for Donny made for a funny and semi-realistic character. 

Picture from Gramercy


    I am shocked that there is such a large cult following for “The Big Lebowski” as the film is utter worms. Most “Duderinos” fawn over the film and this confirms my expectation of the human intellect. I can boil the cult following down to a lack of IQ. “The Big Lebowski” is one of those films that make other movies look better. Overall, the Industry needs “The Big Lebowski” to make authentic films like “Raising Arizona” and “Fargo” that much better.