Our Finals Week Survival Kit Review

Finals week has arrived, and we are all feeling the stress overload. Thank goodness Her Campus hooked us up with some fantastic goodies for our final Survival Kit of the year! Here's a review of some of the awesome items that we got... check it out!

  • Krazy Glue- you would be surprised how useful this stuff is for college students. We're all packing up our stuff to move out of those dorms this week, and you know this would be a convenient addition if you need to fix anything. I've even used it to pick a pair of shoes. Graduates, need any glue to perfect those grad caps? Look no further.
  • Bed Head Beach Freak Moisturizing Detangler Spray, Oh Be Hive Dry Shampoo, Beach Me Wave Defining Gel Mist- we LOVE receiving hair products from Bed Head! Their dry shampoo is definitely a staple, and the latest gel mist and detangler spray came in just in time for this transitioning weather. With all of the humidity that has come in this week, these haircare products are our saving grace.
  • Feeling Beautiful™ Clearing Sweet Tea + Lemon Peel-Off Mask and Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful™ Polishing Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask + Scrub- ladies. Face. Masks. Are. The. Best! Finals are here, and you need to remember to prioritize self-care. What better way to do so than to treat your skin with a natural, hydrating face mask?! This peel-off mask will make your skin feel so soft and healthy, giving you that confidence boost you need to take on your exams.

  • Schick Quattro YOU™- summer is upon us, so we all know what that means: it's time to regularly shave our legs once more. Yes, that is the bright side of winter, but having smooth legs in that summer heat is an incredible feeling. Shick's razors are great tools to have in your shower caddy, so you can't go wrong here.

  • Skintimate 2-in-1 Shave Cream & Skin Conditioner- don't forget to use shaving cream! I know it's easy to skip this step when you're running late, but it really does make a big difference. Skintimate's two-in-one both smooths and hydrates your skin, and it smells great!