Our Favorite LGBTQ+ TV Couples

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, I thought I would share some of my favorite LGBTQ+ couples from popular TV shows. These ones I am not going to rank, because I don’t want to try and quantify love.


Brian & Justin (“Queer as Folk”)

“Queer as Folk” was on TV from 2000 - 2005, and it was a very important show for the LGBTQ+ community because it was one of the first shows that focused exclusively on the “gay lifestyle.” The main pairing, Brian and Justin, was a beautiful relationship, as both characters genuinely wanted what was best for the other, and make sacrifices over the course of the show in order to stay together.

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Brittany & Santana (“Glee”)

“Glee,” in all its eccentricities, was a cultural phenomenon that ran from 2009 - 2015. It gave us some fantastic LGBTQ+ representation, such as Kurt and Blaine, Unique Adams, and Rachel’s two dads. My personal favorites, though, are Brittany and Santana, who were a “will they, won’t they” for a real long time. But eventually, there was a beautiful double-wedding with Brittany and Santana and Kurt and Blaine. Incredible.

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Mickey & Ian (“Shameless”)

I’ve got a lot of issues with “Shameless” as a show (I think it does a lot of things with their characters that just aren’t consistent with their characterization), BUT Mickey and Ian are one of the first LGBTQ+ couples that I fell in love with. I’m such a sucker for Mickey, and I love these two together. They are endgame.

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Connor & Oliver (“How to Get Away With Murder”)

These two have had to overcome a LOT, since HTGAWM has been tossing plot twists at us non-stop since it first aired in 2014. But they’re just so good together--Oliver is so sweet and we all know that Connor, handsome and charming as he is, is head over heels for him. You just can’t help but root for them.

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Willow & Tara (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”)

I’m going to be honest, I haven’t seen all of “Buffy,” since it aired from 1997 - 2003, when I was approximately zero to six years old. But even I know that these two are an iconic couple.

Courtesy: Syfy Wire

Raymond & Kevin (“Brooklyn 99”)

“Brooklyn 99” is one of my favorite shows of all time, and even though Jake and Amy are my favorite couple, Kevin and Raymond are also great. As Amy tells Rosa, “Those are our dads!” which is just so accurate. We all want to be adopted by them--even though they can be a bit stiff and boring at times, we know that they would love and accept us no matter what.

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Alex & Maggie (“Supergirl”)

Okay, they might not have been together forever, but this couple was too cute to handle. To be honest, when these two broke up I rage quit watching “Supergirl.” I was so mad. I love them. I will always love them.

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Lena & Stef (“The Fosters”)

It is just so sweet to see how this couple raises their kids. They’re so supportive of them and of each other and it really gives you all the feels.

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Cameron & Mitchell (“Modern Family”)

This might be a somewhat stereotypical gay pairing, but hey, they’re still amazing. Watching them raise Lily, and also interact with their friend Pepper (played by my Lord and Savior Nathan Lane) is just the best.

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Hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!