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My Top 5 Travel Destinations

I’ve been lucky enough to have already done quite a bit of traveling, both with my family and on my own as a student. Still, there’s so much world to see that I’m constantly adding to my list of places I’d like to visit. Here’s five places that are on my list right now!

1. Prague, Czech Republic- Prague was probably the place I was most disappointed about missing while I studied abroad. I’ve heard from lots of family and friends how beautiful the city is. In particular I’ve heard that it’s something of a fairytale-esque city, which is an aesthetic I absolutely looooove. The city’s castles, bridges, churches, and synagogues all have beautiful architecture. Next time I get back to Europe, Prague is first on my list.

2. Krakow, Poland- Krakow is on my list thanks to a personal recommendation from my grandfather, who says it’s like a smaller, easier to navigate Warsaw. Poland has such a rich, interesting history that I would love to learn more about. Some of it is pretty heavy, with day trips to concentration camps from WWII, but it’s such a culturally rich city that I would love to explore.

3. Alexandria, Egypt- Egypt has fascinated me ever since I was a kid. As someone particularly interested in antiquity, the astoundingly long history of learning, technology, and culture in Alexandria is something I want to experience in person. I have particular interest in Alexandria’s Greco-Roman influences, but it’s a city with enormous religious and cultural diversity not only in antiquity but in the centuries since. Its famed library may have burned down, but it’s got more than a few other things to see.

4. Tokyo, Japan- I’ve never been anywhere in Asia before, so there’s a lot of places on my list there, but Japan would be pretty cool. Tokyo is simultaneously super modern, while also having a long history. This bustling metropolis has tons to offer in terms of entertainment from live shows to uniquely themed restaurants and cafes. Plus, there are day trips that can bring you to Japan’s beautiful natural landmarks too, like Mt. Fuji.

5. Jaipur, India- India’s been on my travel list for a long time, but it’s a big country. I’m choosing Jaipur as my starting point--not quite as popular as Delhi, but with plenty to do nonetheless. With palaces, forts, temples, and lots of buildings in the distinctive color that give the “Pink City” its name, Jaipur is definitely on my list. I would love to learn more about India’s history in this beautiful city in person.


My travel list is way longer than this handful of places, but you have to start somewhere, right? Hopefully I’ll have the chance to visit some of these spots in the future!

Mallory Fitzpatrick is a senior at John Carroll University, who loves reading, writing, and travel. 
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