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My Spicy Addiction

People say I’m an addict, but I say I’m fine. People tell me that I have a problem, but I say they’re wrong. People tell me that if I continue my habit, I’ll ruin my health. But honestly, I just really like flamin hot Cheetos and I think people need to back off. I can go through 1-2 bags in a week. I don’t have them every week, but when I do the bag is empty in a matter of hours. I think the problem is that they make the bags for flamin hot Cheetos too small, but my friends just think that I eat them at an alarming rate. They tell me I’m weird for loving the spicy snack, but they just don’t get it (they also have a low tolerance to hot foods). But flamin hot Cheetos are the best for so many reasons.

Not only are they tasty, but did you know they were invented by a janitor who put chile powder on the tasty snack and viola! This guy was like the Will Hunting of the Frito-Lay company, and I thank God for him. Richard Montañez grew up in an impoverished neighborhood and received poor schooling, but because of his innovation, he is now the executive vice president of multicultural sales and community activation for PepsiCo’s North American divisions. So basically flamin hot Cheetos are the result of the American Dream come true.

Also, not only are they good by themselves, but they make other food taste better. Take the sushi burrito, for example, one of the best food inventions maybe ever known to man (so far). This dish takes sushi to the next level, we’re all obsessed. How in the world could it get any better? How could the sushi burrito be any more delicious? Three words. Flamin. Hot. Cheetos. It adds the perfect kick for those who love spicy sushi, and a little bit of crunch for extra texture. What’s not to love about flamin hot sushi burritos??

Yes, I will admit that eat vast amounts of flamin hot Cheetos can have it downfalls. The occasional heartburn will occur, but that’s what antacids are for, amiright? Also, if you eat an entire bag in one sitting, you’re stomach will ache so much you’d think your stomach lining is deteriorating. If you eat them in moderation, then it’s fine (let me tell you, lesson learned).  

Moral of the story: flamin hot Cheetos are amazing and anyone who says otherwise is wrong and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


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