Movie Review: A Quiet Place

On April 6, John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place took theaters by storm, reaching no. 1 at the box office after its opening weekend. Both critics and audience members are raving about the latest horror film, as A Quiet Place varies from most jump-scare thrillers.


Set in a dystopic United States in the year 2020, the Abbott family must learn to live and communicate in complete silence, as their lives are threatened by man-eating creatures that prey on sound. Having already lost one of their own, the Abbotts struggle to band together while constantly living in fear and isolation.


As stated before, A Quiet Place isn’t your average horror movie thriller. Rather than fully relying on jump-scares, the film has an in-depth plot that holds audience interest until the credits start rolling. Not to mention, the stellar cast features Emily Blunt and producer Krasinski himself, who was finally able to break from his usual sitcom character mold.


Unlike most dystopic films, A Quiet Place emphasizes themes of survival and simple living, as the Abbott family is forced to live without many of today’s luxuries due to the absence and dangers of a single sound. While the year is 2020, the film refrained from incorporating anything too futuristic into the plot, which is refreshing, and allows audience members to further relate the characters on-screen.

Overall, A Quiet Place is an original and harrowing horror/thriller film that will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat until its abrupt and unpredictable end.