This Month's Big Hit: The Fall Survival Kit!

Her Campus wants to make sure you don’t FALL behind living at college this season.

It is no secret that Her Campus is absolutely amazing. There is nothing better than winding down after a long day of classes and meetings, going back to the dorm and reading the vast amount of articles with tips and tricks on almost anything you can imagine. But that’s not all… Her Campus provides us with a survival kit, including awesome supplies and resources that will make our college experience even more enjoyable!

I Love Juicy Couture Perfume by Juicy Couture: How many times have you heard someone at school ask for a spray of your perfume? I wouldn’t mind smelling this sweet but sophisticated aroma all day long! One spray, and hear the hooray (as you can probably tell I have a bit of a rhyming obsession)!

Sheer Panty Hose by Leggs: Raise your hand if you forgot panty hose when coming to college (insert raised hand emoji here). I did not realize I needed them until attending my first career fair. Especially in Ohio, winters are known to be pretty darn chilly and wearing leggings under a business dress may not be the best option. Leggs Panty Hose, you’ve saved me.

Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask by Freeman: Ready for a relax-sesh without physically going to the spa? Her Campus gave us the perfect idea. Directions: use Freeman’s nourishing avocado mask and allow your worries to fly away for the night. Facemasks make it easy, especially this one.  

Rimmel London 24 Hour Colour Precise Eyeliner: I <3 felt tips! If you are not a professional makeup artist and feel as if you’ll never perfect winged eyeliner, have no fear! I am right there with ya! Rimmel London makes eyeliner application so much easier.

Rimmel London Super Curler 24 Hour Mascara: Who doesn’t love a brand-new tube of mascara that provides thick, voluptuous eyelashes? I ran back to my dorm room and tried this on even though it was 9 PM and I was planning on going to bed early. NO CLUMPING! Perfect and easy to take off at the end of the day! Phew!

On behalf of the whole Her Campus JCU team, THANK YOU! You honestly spoil us by spreading the word about useful items and resources for our college experience! We appreciate everything you do for us! How would we survive without you?

How will you use each of the items in the Her Campus fall survival kit?