Meet Mike Bishop!


Name: Mike Bishop

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics

Hometown: Erie, PA


Where do you like to study on campus?

My room, where I can choose to either play music in the background or be in complete silence.


What groups/organizations are you apart of at JCU?

I am a Senator on Student Union for the Class of 2020 where I also work as the Chairperson of the Community Relations & Service Committee, I serve as the President of College Democrats at John Carroll University, and I am the Finance Coordinator for SUPB.


What does your student union position entail?

As a Senator, my job is to represent my class in the Senate, but also to act as a liaison between my class and the different levels of administration at the University. With that, if a student has an idea for an event or initiative, I can help direct them through the proper channels so that it is effectively implemented. In conjunction with my role as Chairperson of the Committee for Community Relations & Service, I see staying connected, being in the loop, and building relationships as integral to the job.


Are there any upcoming SUPB events we should know about?

We try to craft events that cater to a wide range of students, so that there is something for everyone! My favorite events however are the ones we classify as “major” such as Homecoming, and Frozen Frenzy (where we brought the ice skating rink to campus a few weeks ago).


What are your plans post-graduation?

After graduation I want to go to law school. Ideally, I would like to get an internship/job with the ACLU and work there for a while combatting injustices in the legal system across the country. From there, I would like to get involved in the political process, either as a policy advisor or run for office myself.


Who’s your favorite superhero, and why?

Black Panther has taken the lead for me after seeing the new movie! He’s a kind and caring leader, and tempers his actions with his own intuition and the wisdom of those around him. Not to mention he is a complete badass when necessary.