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Name: Connor Fors

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Jackson, MI


What are you involved with on campus?

I’m an RA, I work in the intramural office, and I’m an intramural ref. I also volunteer for football study sessions. I enjoy being an RA because I get to build community, meet new people, and develop leadership skills that I can transfer into the real world


What are your favorite pastimes/activities?

I like playing baseball and golf. I play golf almost three times a week in the summer, but in the winter I just chill, watch movies, listen to music and hangout with my friends. I am basically constantly watching sports year round as well.


Do you have a favorite pair of pants?

Right now it’s probably my green khakis because they fit me nicely. Lol.


Where has been your favorite place to vacation?

Hilton Head, South Carolina. I went there with my family a few times in high school, and it’s gorgeous. I made a lot of great memories there.


What’s your dream job?

Being a PGA TOUR professional golfer has always been a dream of mine because I would get to play the best courses in the world and I would get to play golf all day every day. I would really love to play any kind of professional sport. Baseball was always my dream growing up.


What are you binging on Netflix right now?

The Office for practically the 50th time. Greatest show of all time.


Who’s the best professor you’ve had at JCU?

Dr. Seiter who teaches computer science. She is very knowledgeable about the subjects that she teaches and she’s super relatable.


How many hair products do you use?

I use one, it’s a forming cream. It’s American Crew, it’s fiber which is a certain consistency of a hair product.

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