LGBTQ+ Movie Categories


Hi, everybody! It’s officially October, which means it is once again LGBTQ+ History Month! Since last week we talked about some hetero romantic comedies, I thought I would tell you all about how LGBTQ+ movies have categories that they fall into as well. I’ve watched pretty much all of the movies I mention here, and I feel very confident about this categorization. So, let’s see:

Teen Comedy: these ones have a teenager as the protagonist, are comedies, and usually are pretty tame.

  • "Love, Simon"

  • "Geography Club"

  • "G. B. F."

Teen Indie: also have a teengaer as the protagonist, but are not comedies and sometimes are more explicit. Not always, but sometimes.

  • "Being 17"

  • "North Sea Texas"

  • "Latter Days"

  • "The Way He Looks"


Adult Comedy: have an adult as the protagonist and are comedies (that was easy)

  • "4th Man Out"

  • "The 10 Year Plan"


Politics: plot focuses on a historic or political issue (not a documentary though, because those are a separate thing).

  • "Milk"

  • "Pride"


Age Difference: plot focuses on a relationship between two characters where there is a large age gap (which can sometimes be totally fine and sometimes be not okay).

  • "Carol"

  • "Call Me By Your Name"

  • "Bloomington"

  • "Loving Annabelle"

  • "Shelter"

Men Are Aggressive: these focus on a relationship between two gay men, and these men are portrayed in a very masculine way, and often the will have a wrestling fight where there is a tense moment where you think they are going to kiss but they don’t they make you wait until later but even once they do get together they still wrestle.

  • "Brokeback Mountain"

  • "God’s Own Country"

  • "Free Fall"

  • "Burning Blue"


Married Woman: these ones focus on a gay woman who was married or engaged to man, and then has an encounter with a woman and usually she ends up leaving to guy to live the lesbian lifestyle.

  • "Below Her Mouth"

  • "Imagine Me and You"

  • "I Can’t Think Straight"

  • "Elena Undone"


AIDS: this one is easy--the movie focuses on the AIDS pandemic.

  • "After Louie"

  • "Rent"

  • "Holding the Man"


Men Spend a Weekend Together: basically, two gay guys will have one weekend where they hang out, and the rest of the movie is just about what their lives are like before and after that one weekend (or just a very short time period). These ones are more about the characters as individuals rather than about their relationship per se.

  • "Esteros"

  • "Lazy Eye"

  • "Weekend"

  • "Moonlight"


Something Is Off: These are ones that I watched and was like, “UMMM this is not okay with me, and I don’t want to tarnish any of the other categories by including these movies in them.”

  • "From Beginning to End" (this one is about two gay men in a relationship, except they are brothers. And like, they know that they’re brothers. That’s incest. What.)  

  • "Blue is the Warmest Color" (there is still a lot of talk in the LGBTQ+ community about this movie, even though it came out in 2013. Basically, it’s problematic because it was directed by a man and the actresses who play the central couple are both straight, and a lot of it just does not feel like authentic female sexuality.)  

  • "Loev" (This one has a rape scene and I personally do not think that this movie tackled that delicate subject matter very well.)  

  • "I Am Happiness On Earth" (YIKES. Okay, the google summary of this movie’s plot is: “Emiliano looks at his life with the eyes of a film director, and mixes objective reality with artistic creation. As the story he is filming flounders, his world becomes trapped in the lens of a camera.” I guess that’s true, but this movie is TRIPPY I could not follow it AT ALL.)  


Okay, there you have it! Keep in mind that this is all just my opinion and that this list is in no way an exhaustive list of all LGBTQ+ movies. But, since you have such a nice selection here, go check on out in honor of LGBTQ+ History Month!!!