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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

If you’re still looking for a Halloween, costume, you’re not alone! We put together several ideas from a few of our writers so you can wow a crowd in less time than it takes to put your costume together. 

Marissa Miller – Leopard 

Low on cash? Drowning in homework? Have no fear girls, this ten minute DIY costume won’t cost you a thing! All you’ll need is eyeliner and some eyeshadow. I would recommend the blackest eyeliner you can find, and the brightest eyeshadow around. Preferably, stick with gel liners, they’ll last longer without moving. To start, here’s the final product: 

So, make sure you start with a clean base! Dab some primer on your cheeks and nose, and you’re ready to start. Begin with your normal foundation routine, ensuring your skin is matte. This means powder, powder, powder! You want your skin to be as matte and powdered as possible in order to keep your makeup from slipping.. Once your base is complete, work on the eyes.

I love, love, love smoky eyes. To create a perfect smoked out eye, start in the corners of your eyes with light colors, and gradually add darker colors on the outer V. For more drama, add darker shadows in your crease. Because this is a black cat look, I added black shades on the outer parts of my eyes. However, to achieve maximum smoothness, add browns as transition colors. These will work as your blending agents between lights and darks. Blending is the most crucial part of a smoky eye, so blend away. I would recommend any Urban Decay Naked Palette, as they include a great spectrum of colors to create the perfect dramatic eye.

We all know the classic cat eye, right? Audrey Hepburn was notorious for her subtle cat-eye, but for this look, you’re going to want to go full-out Amy Winehouse. This means you can bring your wing past your eyebrows, or stop just past the natural curve of your eye. Nonetheless, make sure your wing is completely visible. You can even drag your eyeshadow past your lid, extending it with the wing (this is totally optional, but we add more drama and cattiness to your look). A liquid or gel liner with create the most fluid line, but a pencil will work just fine. Throw on some false eyelashes, and you’re done!

Next comes the nose. With eyeliner, create a triangle (or a heart) at the tip of your nose, and fill in from edge to edge. Carry the liner around the sides of your nostrils, and your nose should be complete. Draw a line from the bottom of your nose to the middle of your upper lip. From there, fill your upper lip with black lipstick, or eyeliner (trust me–it’s safe!) I used my gel liner to extend the color on the sides of my mouth, pulling the color up for a slight, catty smirk. Your bottom lip can be left bare, can be filled in black, or colored with any red, pink, purple, blue, or whatever color you can imagine. I used a light pink shade to draw attention away from my lower lip to the rest of my look.

To create whiskers, use your eyeliner in quick, gentle motions across your cheeks. If you go too slow or press too hard, the line with become rigid and thick. Add tiny dots above your lips for extra cuteness.

I added leopard spots for some extra fun. This is the most challenging part of the look, but the most rewarding. With your liner, you want to create jagged, open circles. An easy way to do this is to begin with dots, and draw uneven half-circles connected to the dot. In order to have a guide, look at an actual image of leopard spots.

In order to keep your makeup from slipping and sliding, try spritzing on a setting spray. Paint your nails black for extra cattiness. Make sure you take lots of pictures of your cat eyes, and throw a spooky halloween filter on that pose. Now throw on your cat ears, tape on your tail and head out in the best homemade costume you’ve ever had!

Ally Lippert – Clark Kent and Lois Lane 

It can be nearly impossible to find a cool couple’s costume that your guy will agree to. Trust me, I’ve tried everything. No fear, I finally found one and I’m sharing the secret with you. Listen, there is nothing more painless for your man than a Clark Kent/Lois Lane costume.

First let’s start with the Lois half of the duo. The nice thing here is you have a ton of flexibility. I’m opting for a white button down shirt with a black pencil skirt. You could also add a vest or blazer (we live in Cleveland, let’s get realistic). As far as hair andmakeup, you’re in luck because she’s a busy woman and she doesn’t have time to mess with fancy hair and makeup. Do some natural makeup and throw your hair in a half pony and you’re good to go! Last but not least, you’re not getting anywhere without your press pass! Print out a badge that says press with the name Lois Lane on it and tie a ribbon or lanyard to it to hang it from your neck and you’re ready!

Now the easy part, your guy. Now, it’s not likely that you’ll be convincing him to wear tights and a red speedo (which is why this is Clark Kent and Lois and not Superman and Lois!!) So, all he has to do is wear khakis and a button down—ties are good too—essentially. For added effect (and so people actually get it) wear a superman tshirt under the button down and loosen the tie and unbutton a few buttons like he’s just about to do a phone booth change. Add some glasses and you’re good!

There you have it. The least painful couples costume you could find. Stay safe this weekend and have fun!

Marissa is a sophomore at New York University. She is a media, culture, and communications major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in history. She is originally from the Boston area. She has held internships at W magazine, Wenner Media, and the Improper Bostonian Magazine. Right now, she is currently interning at Rolling Stone and loves it! She is also a contributing writer for universitychic.com. She loves NYC and hopes to pursue a career in political journalism either there or abroad. In her spare time she loves to read (her favorite author F. Scott Fitzgerald), travel, write, eat sushi, and discover unknown parks in New York City.
Junior Integrated Marketing Communications major and Psychology minor. Fan of Netflix and her smartphone.
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