Just Cleveland Things

As a Cleveland native, I’ve come to know and love The Land - even its imperfections! Listed below are eight “Cleveland things” that non-locals may not fully understand or appreciate.


1. Having a below average NFL team for over 50 years and still thinking “there’s always next year”. #GoBrowns

2. Embracing the fact that Cleveland’s economy is based on LeBron James.

3. Swimming in Lake Erie every summer, regardless of its dangerously high bacterial levels.

4. Refusing to accept the myth of the “Cleveland accent”. I don’t have one, okay?

5. Having an undying love for Cleveland-local restaurants. (*cough* Barrio *cough*)

6. Snowstorms in April. Spring just doesn’t exist here.

7. Owning at least 10 “Cleveland proud” shirts.

8. Understanding that most people aren’t fond of Cleveland, and being totally okay with it. #ClevelandOrNowhere