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A JCU Girl’s Summer Wardrobe

After a major heat wave hit Cleveland this past week, many John Carroll girls, myself included, have exchanged their winter clothes for warm weather attire, completely skipping over their spring wardrobe. As a result, summer clothing trends have officially returned. Ladies, put your Bean Boots away and get your Birks ready – summer has finally arrived at JCU!

Listed below are eight of the most common summer style trends at John Carroll:

1. Birkenstock sandals. As a Birk enthusiast, I’m a huge fan of this fashion staple. Birkenstocks aren’t solely for girls either – I’ve seen plenty of JCU men partake in the socks and sandals trend!

2. Nike tempo shorts. Summer’s equivalent to leggings. Not feeling your 8 a.m. class? Throw on a pair of tempo shorts and your favorite tee!

3. T-shirt dresses. The most comfortable of dresses. Not to mention, no pants required! (Hint: Birkenstocks look great with t-shirt dresses!)

4. Chaco sandals. Cute, comfortable and go with almost any outfit. Whether you’re wearing a casual dress, running attire or jeans and a tank, Chacos will pull your outfit together.

5. The bralette/halter tank combination. If you’re wearing a halter tank top, a bralette will give your outfit the finishing touch you’re looking for. A simple and fairly inexpensive trend!

6. Off-the-shoulder tops. A cute and simple way to get some sun on your shoulders! Off-the-shoulder tops come in a variety of styles, including t-shirts, blouses and crop tops.

7. Jean skirts. Distressed, colored or just plain denim will do the trick. I’ve seen a number of different jean skirt styles around campus.

8. Ray-Ban Sunglasses. Essential for laying out on the quad. These will also come in handy when you’re making the long walk to Dolan or crossing Belvoir!

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